In these times of rapid change, collective ritual plays a vital role in shaping the future of humanity. The Portal offers a simple ritual experience that draws out the beautiful future that our individual and collective hearts know is possible. All that pass through this large, circular, interactive sculpture are given the opportunity to engage in the empowering ritual of dreaming the future into being. As one steps through the threshold of the portal - crossing from one side to the other - their heart’s imagination is inspired to leave the past behind and to envision and step into the future that they are creating. The Portal has traveled to several events and has had hundreds pass through it. Some participants pass through the Portal quickly, others pause and reflect, other react with excitement and wonder, some hesitate as they feel the weight of the ritual and their visions. The Portal becomes something different to every person that passes through. Its magic is accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. It playfully reminds individuals of their unique creative potential while holding them within the structure of collective ritual.

This portal is a large wooden representation of my love for hula hoops and circles. Built out of layers of plywood with 28 unique custom symbols created with circles and arcs representing planets and galaxies spread across the multiverse. The interactive lighting effect will have colours spinning, strobing and fading around the circle and behind the symbols.

I have brought the Portal to Basscoast Festival and Luminosity Gathering, along with many private functions throughout the year.

Thank you!
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